Get To Know The Team

Mark M. Ferguson

Founding Attorney

Our founder, Mark M. Ferguson, opened the firm in 1996. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of law, he’s known for closing cases quickly and with the best possible outcome for his client. He has built a team with just as much heart and know-how, so you can be certain you’re going to get the help you need. Whether you have a personal injury or a criminal case, we’re here by your side every step of the way.

What We Have To Offer

Communication is at the core of our philosophy. While winning is always a top priority, we also believe in taking good care of our clients. Because of our integrity, reputation, and understanding, you will have a good experience.

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Mark M. Ferguson and his team are driven by honesty and upstanding morals. We believe in fighting for what’s fair with truth and virtue as our guide.

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Fact: 90% of our cases come from client referrals. This is because we have an upstanding reputation rooted in building real relationships with our clients. We know the ins and outs of the courts. As you work with us, you’ll discover we’re both aggressive litigators and loyal friends.

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We know this experience is tough for you and looking for an attorney isn’t exactly your idea of fun. That’s why we strive to make this experience as painless as possible and get you the positive results you deserve. From the very first time you dial our number and throughout our time working together, someone is available to talk to you within 24 hours.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Personal Attention For Your Case

Public defenders can be great, especially as new graduates. That said, they can also be very busy. On average, for every one case we have, a public defender has 20. We are dedicated to being attentive to your needs so you feel like a person and not another number.

The Power of Experience

We’ve spent more than 20 years winning a variety of cases. Our practice area includes criminal law, DUI and DWI, traffic violations, personal injury, and car accidents. If you are seeking representation in any of these areas, we can be your ally.

Striving For Your Best Outcome

We believe your needs come first. Our winning record demonstrates how we place the rights of our clients at the forefront. You deserve a team who can fight with their heads and their hearts. We won’t give up in our pursuit of getting you the most optimal outcome possible.

Don't Sit On the Sidelines.

Take Back Control of Your Life.

Rely On A Team That Knows The System

We know the tricks the other side tries to play. We use our knowledge to help you stand up for yourself and turn your life around.

Suffering behind a criminal charge or personal injury can make you feel defenseless. It may seem as if your options are slim and no one is on your side. Not to mention, the whole ordeal can drain your energy and make you worry about your future.

You don’t have to feel this way because you have more power than you realize. There are options out there and we’re going to help you identify exactly what they are. Our experienced team can guide you down the right path. With us in your corner, you can restore the peace of mind these circumstances tried to rob from you.

Don't be defined by your mistakes. Let’s lose the labels the system wants to pin on you. Crime and traffic violations are not to be taken lightly; however, it wasn’t your intent to cause any harm. Be it a traffic violation or something a bit more strenuous, we understand mistakes happen. You deserve the opportunity to prove yourself as an upstanding citizen. We can help you get a second chance.

Your injury isn't your fault. If you’ve suffered personal injury, you know all too well how the pain impacts more than just your body. You’re most likely entitled to receive financial compensation for the hardships this circumstance has caused. While we aim to settle your case without litigation, we’re prepared to go to battle in court if necessary. Let us help you get the justice you deserve.